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Garden Flag IDEA 🎃

Happy October! It’s getting spooky outside. GoodGrandma℠ added a Trick or Treat garden flag, along with the DYI Halloween wreath from last year, to welcome the grandkids to grandma’s house, and the trick or treaters. It’s a simple addition to the front-door festivities. Monthly Garden Flag IDEAS January ~ Let It Snow ❄️ February ~ …

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GG Spotlight ~ Grammie Shauna 💡

GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled to spotlight Grammie Shauna! She has so many great IDEAS! Grammie is a mother of three children and Grammie to six grandchildren. Grammie Shauna and her sweet husband, known as Boppa to their grandchildren, lost their first child just before her third birthday. They struggled to have their first child, but to …

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Reason to Celebrate ~ Sugar Cookies

Grandma’s Sugar Cookie Recipe GoodGrandma℠ loves cookies, but who doesn’t?! We have the best sugar cookie recipe, and we want to share it with you. Grandma Andrea’s Sugar Cookie Recipe is truly the BEST! There are a lot; I mean A LOT of sugar cookies out there! It’s the new craze!!! There’s Crumbl Cookies, Crave …

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Book Guru Grandma Recommendations

Thoughts About Aprons Don’t you just love aprons! I know. I’m old school, but I have a couple hanging in my kitchen for those times when I’m making a mess with the cooking thing. Which is pretty often. Not the cooking. The messing. They are a lot of fun, and come in many colors and forms. My sister-in-law uses an old short …

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