Happy October! Happy Fall! What a great time of year; the temperatures are cooling, the kids are all in a “normal” routine, the leaves are changing colors, and Halloween is just around the corner. If you have been out and about the different retail stores, you know the Halloween decorations and goodies have been up for awhile. Time to think about getting a little something for the grandkids.

When Papa Rich and I got married we sat down and decided which of the holidays we would give something to the grandkids. We chose to give them each a birthday gift, Christmas present, and a goodie bag of some sort for Easter and Halloween. For the Halloween bags this year, even the couples without children are getting a little something. Each of the family units will be given a Halloween dish towel, window decals, a Halloween hanging decor, and some seasonal holiday candy. In addition to the decorative items, the grandchildren who are younger than 12 will receive a Halloween book, hopefully something on their reading level or for pure enjoyment. The grandchildren 12 and older will receive a pair of Halloween socks. The kids will also each be given glow sticks for safety on the night of Halloween, and last but not least, the kids will receive Halloween coloring garland to decorate on their own and pin the spider on the web game from Joann‘s. Everything given to the grandkids and their families is in a single Halloween bag, making it easier to ship if necessary.

I understand that purchasing for a large number of grandchildren, or any amount of grandkids, can really add up. So, I purchased the majority of the gifts at Dollar Tree. I try to avoid things that will just end up in the trash. I want the gift to be useful. As far as the books, I like to go to TJ Maxx to purchase them. They have a pretty good selection and the books are discounted. Another way to purchase books, something my mom did over the years, is through the school book fairs and classroom book orders. If you don’t have access to these options, you can just go online to Scholastic to find a good deal.

We hope you all have a happy Halloween and a safe spooky day!

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