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  • Recipe of the Month – Pumpkin Butterscotch Gingerbread Trifle from Taste of Home.
  • Thoughts from Grandma’s Camp

Showing gratitude is an important quality to teach children, especially teenagers. Years ago, Grandma Connie, suggested having a “Gratitude Book” to aid in teaching my own children. I bought a simple spiral notebook and told my kids we would write down one thing everyday of what we were grateful for. I would write the date and each family members name. Then we would pass the book around and write down a blessing. We had only one rule, you couldn’t repeat. It got interesting as time went by. Andrew wrote down that he was grateful for cows. His sisters thought that was ridiculous, until he said, “Without cows we wouldn’t have chocolate milk or steak.” One night, Courtney wrote that she was grateful for fingers, especially chicken.

After months of writing down what we were grateful for, I took the book and made an individual list for everyone of their own responses from the past year. I placed each person’s list on their dinner plate for our Thanksgiving feast. As we sat down to eat, we found it interesting to see our own responses. One teenage daughter made a comment, after looking over her list. She said, “Man, I’m worldly!” The Gratitude Notebook was was a beneficial gratitude lesson for everyone and a great success! We learned about our priorities, we are incredibly blessed, and the importance of a gratitude attitude.

Have you ever made a Gratitude Book? What did you learn?

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