Meet Richard aka PAPA

Hello, my name is Richard, and it’s my privilege to be married to Grandma Colleen. Together, we share 15 grandchildren. I’m working behind the scenes to help Colleen launch her GoodGrandma website (coming soon) and social media sites. We hope GoodGrandma will become a meaningful forum for sharing good principles, ideas, and practices for grandmothers—and for grandparenting generally.
Colleen and I are committed to making GoodGrandma a “guilt-free zone.” No one is a perfect parent. No one is a perfect grandparent. (Otherwise, we’d call it PerfectGrandma. We’re not trying for perfect; we’re trying for good.) No one can do everything. As time goes on, you’ll see dozens (hundreds, thousands) of ideas about grandparenting at GoodGrandma. If you feel guilty that you’re not doing everything, or even any of things you see, Colleen and I will feel so bad. What we hope is that occasionally you’ll see an idea that speaks to your heart and that you will want to apply in your grandparenting. And, we hope that you will share ideas you have that may benefit someone else.
So let’s all enjoy learning from each other about effective and fun grandparenting in a guilt-free environment. Remember, feeling guilty about not doing more than you can reasonably do in your particular situation is definitely against the GoodGrandma Rules!




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