GoodGrandma℠ loves her Furry Grands. A couple of months ago, we introduced Blue, our second Portuguese Water Dog. Blue is an adorable puppy, and so smart. He makes our day; we hope pics of our cute pup will make your day too! 

Blue has learned a ton of tricks. He knows how to sit, stay, under, come, heel, shake, stick ’em up, roll over, crawl, play dead, and bump. “Bump” is a fist bump where uses his nose. So cute! He enjoys playing with his toys, carrying his leash on walks, and watching The Lion King movie. He watches it and interacts with the movie whenever Mufasa is on screen. He’s pretty entertaining!

Today is National Make A Dog’s Day. Take the time to make their day and share some love with your Furry Grands! 👵🏻🧡💡🐶

ⒸRuff Shots Photography

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