When it’s time to say goodbye to the grandkids, do you have a tradition or amusing way to make the parting less sorrowful? Grandpa Bob made a game out of saying goodbye! He would play “Touched You Last.” The rules are simple, the one who touches the other person last is the winner. As the grandkids got older, and faster, the game become dangerous. Disclaimer: GoodGrandmaβ„  is not responsible for any injuries that may occur through playing “Touched You Last.”

My sweet Uncle made the “High Sign” from Little Rascals to say goodbye to his grandkids. It was their tradition, one the grandkids could count from their Grandpa when saying goodbye. I love this silly and sentimental goodbye. 🧑

When I visit my grandchildren’s homes, I like to take a picture with them before I leave. It’s a way of documenting their growth, as well as keeping a record of our visits. I like Grandma Von’s IDEA, a Guest Grandma, who shared her tradition of drawing handprints each time she is with her grandkids.

As for goodbyes for Papa and me, after hugs and kisses, we stand outside and wave until we can no longer see their car. It’s a Korean goodbye.

High Sign

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