Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mothers, wish to be a mother, miss their own mother, and those who yearn to be with children who are no longer with you. Today is a day filled with a mixture of emotions. It can be a day of happiness and sadness, a day of joy and sorrow. The hope, wish, and desire for one and all is to find peace, contentment, and love, even for a moment, as we celebrate Mother’s.

I would like to honor my own Mother, The Original GoodGrandma℠, with words to describe her. The spotlight will embarrass her and she may deny being everything I share, but I want her to realize the magnitude of her efforts being a Good Mom, Good Grandma, and Good Granny.

My Mom is…honest, loyal, resourceful, hardworking, kind, talented, understanding, accepting, diligent, a great chef and baker (strawberry jam, chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge, decorating cakes, meatballs, and waffles, just to name a few favorites). She is educated, non-judgmental, forgiving, dedicated, family-oriented, a world traveler, a fabulous quilter, beautiful, giving, friendly, generous, loving, creative, inviting, smart, talented, motivated, loves traditions, a good counselor, adorable, strong. She is self-taught, compassionate, faithful, a good example, accepting, an exceptional seamstress, and devoted to being a wonderful mother.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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