When I was pregnant with my second child, Logan, I was put on bed rest at week 14. My daughter was only one at the time and I needed help! Not only were we having a baby, we were going through a job change and building a house all at the same time.

It’s fine. It wasn’t stressful at all.

At week 25, I was put in the hospital. My husband would bring Gracie to see me in the morning and meet a Grandma there where he would hand her over and head to work. Whichever grandmother Gracie went with, they would take her to their home, play with her, and help her keep some sort of normalcy in her life. The next day they would do it all over again, switching between grandmothers. This continued for the next five weeks while I was in the hospital. When Logan was born at 30 weeks, weighing 2 pounds 15 ounces, I still needed support and help; which the grandmothers continued to provide. Both Connie and Judy were amazing during this time. I think it was amazing for Gracie, too. Her entire world was turned upside down, but her Grandmothers were there to love and care for her in her mom’s absence.

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