This past summer GoodGrandma℠ held a dinosaur themed Grandma’s Camp for grandson, Rife. It was four full days and three nights of dinosaur fun!

  • POST CAMP IDEAS: Of course, lots of pictures were taken during Rife’s Grandma’s Camp. I printed the photos and arranged them in a dinosaur photo album. This IDEA gives Rife a way to remember all of the fun we had together.
  • RECA(M)P IDEAS: To recap the dinosaur camp, one change would be the length of the camp. Rife wanted to attend for two weeks, but we settled on four days. For Papa and me, I think a three days is best. Also, although there’s an itinerary, we did not do everything listed. In fact, I over planned. It’s important to remember to be flexible. Two other important IDEAS when holding a camp, sleeping and eating are two items you stick to the schedule. Hangry grandchildren is not a good IDEA!

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