Hi, my name is Colleen. I became a grandma to nine children instantly when I married my sweet husband Rich, on June 14, 2014. My own daughter gave birth to a cute little baby girl in September of 2015. I am now a grandma to 15 grandchildren, with one more on the way. Per the request of one of my daughters, I do not have a cute grandma name, I am simply grandma. However, to distinguish me from the other grandmas in my grandchildren’s lives, I am now affectionately called Grandma Colleen.

I love everything about being a grandma. I love being the hero! I love being the fun playmate. I love spending time with them. I love learning more about each grandchild’s unique personality. I love teaching them. I love encouraging exploring. I love having adventures with them. I love creating memories with them. I love spoiling them. I love my grandchildren, my own and my step-grandkids; from the oldest who is 14 to the youngest who is just six months old.
When I had my five children, I couldn’t imagine how much love I had in my life. Now, with grandchildren, the love has grown abundantly. I enjoy watching my children and stepchildren parent and learn many of the same lessons I did as a parent. I was a very involved parent. Some would say I was even a helicopter mother; I hovered. I read many self-help books and parenting books. I wanted to be a good mom. With all that I learned from being a mother, now I have the opportunity to become a better grandmother. In addition to using the things I learned from being a mom, I also have a degree in elementary education. I love using the information I have as a teacher to help educate my grandchildren. My own mother said each generation needs to be better than the last. I take on that charge to help ensure my grandchildren are educated and emotionally strong.

Using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained thus far in my life, I want to be the best grandmother I can be. I also want to help others benefit from my ideas so that they, too, can be a good grandma! And I want to create a forum where grandmothers can share ideas so that we can all fulfill the great opportunity and responsibility it is to be a “Good Grandma”.

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