GoodGrandma℠ is giving away Visa gift cards for the month of June! That’s right! Money to go along with our GoodGrandma Approved post about diapers. We thought it would be a good giveaway to help grandmas with their own stash of diapers for their home! Diapers can be EXPENSIVE!!! We want to help out! One subscriber will win $25 and one Guest Grandma will win $50 to use toward diapers and/or other good grandma supplies. So, go on now and subscribe to AND send in your Guest Grandma posts. You can send your GoodGrandma Good Ideas through our website, “Be A Guest Grandma” or email us directly!

Winners will be announced June 30, 2018!

1 thought on “GoodGrandma June 2018 GIVEAWAY!”

  1. My kids use Luvs diapers and they work very well. There’s nothing like seeing and spending time with my grandkids. Some of them are even old enough to video chat with which I really love to do with them.

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