Diapers have changed a lot over the years, and for the better! One of the changes is the wetness indicator line. The indicator line changes color when it becomes wet and lets the parents know that the baby needs to be changed. This is a feature both Jane and I wish we would have had years ago! Another change is the design of the diaper. Some diapers have added elastic around the legs, while other diapers have made changes depending on the stage and age of the baby. I remember using cloth diapers with pins and even those have been improved over the years.

We wanted to determine the BEST diaper, the FAVORITE diaper, and which diaper was GG APPROVED. We quickly learned there isn’t just one diaper that is the best, favorite, or most approved. Many mothers using disposable diapers said they like to start with Pampers when they have a newborn and then move into Huggies as their baby becomes more active. Other mother’s like the off brand diapers and wouldn’t switch. Although GoodGrandma℠ didn’t interview anyone who uses cloth diapers, there are as many cloth diaper choices as there are disposable diapers choices.

Regardless of which diaper is the BEST, GoodGrandma APPROVES of having diapers and wipes on hand at your own home at all times. Ever since my first grandbaby, I have kept diapers and wipes available for my daughters and daughters-in-law to use for their babies. Sometimes the diaper bag is forgotten by accident or is low on supplies and sometimes there are bigger messes than you can anticipate! It’s one of those things that makes you a GoodGrandma; to be prepared for the unexpected. GoodGrandama would like to APPROVE the diapers your daughters and daughters-in-law use. Ask them what they use and where they buy them, chances are they already know where to purchase them for the cheapest price. If it isn’t in the budget to buy an entire package, ask your daughters to bring some of their babies diapers to your house to keep there for emergencies. Happy changing!



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