GoodGrandma℠ would like to share with you a story of an amazing young mom. She initially started selling baby bibs, pacifier holders, and baby girl headbands. Her creativity and determination are truly amazing. Please welcome, Miranda, owner and operator of Ruby+Rye. We asked Miranda to tell us how Ruby+Rye came about, and this was her response:

A little about Ruby+Rye! We began when I fell in love with a trendy bed for my little guy, but had no luck in finding what I was looking for being sold anywhere in the United States. So, I decided I would try to figure it out and make it myself. After a successful attempt, my entrepreneurial side took over and I decided I should attempt to sell them! It’s been almost two years and I’ve since added in making beautiful wood framed prints to the mix! I love creating and I especially love that I get to share my creations with so many other people!

Miranda is mom to two cute boys, Luca and Jett, she is a registered nurse, and she is married to her best friend. GoodGrandma would encourage grandmas, grannies, nanas, moms, anyone really, to check out her site and support this incredible business owner. Ruby+Rye is most definitely GoodGrandma Approved!

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