Our GoodGrandma℠ Approved product and service for the month of October is My Life My Storybook. This amazing company offers a truly remarkable service and product. Through their website, you simply answer the provided questions about a loved one, then add pictures. Once completed and submitted, the company publishes a book of the selected person’s life story. Heidi, the creator and founder of My Life My Storybook, has spent years developing a way for everyone to be able to tell their life story, because everyone has a story to tell. Here is a little more about Heidi and wonderful service My Life My Storybook offers.

Heidi graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Recreational Therapy with an emphasis on the geriatric population. She began her career at an Assisted Living Center, where she planned and carried out activities for the senior community. It was there that she discovered the magic of story booking and the power of preserving life stories. For the past 15 years, Heidi has helped countless individuals preserve their personal stories. It is her life dream to help seniors record their stories so they can be passed on to the next generation.


My Life My Storybook believes every life deserves to be remembered, celebrated, and preserved. Everyone has a story. The mission ofMy Life My Storybook is to help seniors and others everywhere write and publish their life stories so they will never be forgotten, and they make it easy. Please visit their website at www.mylifemystorybook.com to learn more and how you too can complete your life story in hours and never be forgotten.

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