GoodGrandma’s GLAD PAD!

GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled to announce our newest and coolest GoodGrandma Approved Product! It’s our very own GoodGrandma GLAD PAD, created and designed by our GoodGrandma Team!

A Glad Pad is a 4.25×5.5 notepad with preset games for grandchildren of all ages. Games in the Glad Pad include; Tic Tac Toe, Connect the Dots, Hangman, Paper Airplane, I Spy, and a Maze to Grandmother’s house. Each game is repeated six times, with a couple of blank pages in between. The blank pages are for grandkid’s drawings, your grocery list, or whenever you might need a piece of paper. It’s a simple concept, keeping every GoodGrandma prepared. Carry it in your purse and be ready to entertain the little folks!

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