GoodGrandma℠ would like to welcome to Grandma Lori to our GG Spotlights! Lori is mother to five children and grandma to three. Her three oldest, all daughters, are now married. Her two younger boys are gearing up to leave the nest. When Lori became a mother, she realized she could be a very young grandmother. When the time came to become a grandma, another thought come to mind.

When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I was so excited and happy for her, but then realized that the title of grandma did bring the idea of being OLD to mind.  Because of some earlier health problems and being fairly young when I became a grandma, I decided that I wanted to be a “hands-on” grandma. I wanted to play on the floor with them, run around the house, and take them for walks and bike rides. I knew that I would have to keep myself in shape and eat right if this was my goal. 

Grandma Lori

Grandma Lori’s daughters taught their children American Sign Language to help with communication. They used a few simple signs like milk, please, candy, etc. However, the grandkids knew the sign “candy” meant “CHOCOLATE” to Grandma Lori. And, Grandma Lori is always ready with M&M treats for her grandkids! I like that tradition! The Chocolate Grandma!

Lori’s mom raised her in the Jewish faith. Lori grew up with Jewish traditions, most of which were Jewish food traditions. Although she is now of the Christian faith, she and her husband still celebrate Hanukkah. Their family celebrates Hanukkah on Christmas Eve. They have potato latkes, challah, and matzo ball soup for dinner their holiday tradition. After dinner, they all play the Dreidel game.

All of Grandma Lori’s grandchildren live nearby, but they still use SnapChat and FaceTime. Her daughters send pictures and videos daily of her cute and funny grandkids. Her daughters tease her about taking screenshot of everything. But, can you blame her? Grandma Lori is a scrapbooker, and she needs lots and lots of photos! Honestly, all Grandmas need lots and lots of photos of their grandkids! They are pure joy!

Grandma Lori watches her grandson, and has for the past 15 months. From the time he was three months old until now, having Grandma on a regular basis, some boundaries are starting to be tested. Grandma Lori introduced the “time out” chair. She reported he’s been doing fairly well! It’s never easy to be a disciplinarian with grandchildren. Way to go, Grandma Lori! You got this!

As her grandchildren get older, and more join the family, Grandma Lori wants to able to keep up with them physically. Keeping healthy and active is important to Grandma Lori. She wants to create lots of memories of playing games, taking walks, and being active with her grandkids. Grandma Lori’s wish is for her grandchildren to remember how much she loves them, as well as her love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of all, she wants them to have happiness in their lives!

Thank you, Grandma Lori, for letting us spotlight you and sharing your GOOD IDEAS with us! You are a GoodGrandma! 👵🏻🧡💡

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