GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled to spotlight Grandma Francisca! Francisca is the mother of two and grandma to one adorable granddaughter, Nevaeh. When Francisca learned she was going to be a grandma, she was both excited and scared, and everything in between. She was a newbie to grandparenting. Like most parents, Francisca wondered if her son was ready to be a dad. It turns out her son is a great dad! Also, Grandma Francisca didn’t have her grandparents around as she was growing up. She was only three-years-old when she emigrated to the United States. Her grandparents stayed behind in Cuba. She remembers writing letters with her grandpa until he passed away. She said his letters seemed to always take forever to get there.

Grandma Francisca is big on holiday traditions. When Nevaeh lived away from Grandma Francisca, she would prepare care packages to mail to her. When Nevaeh lives near Grandma Francisca, she and Nevaeh have Grandma and Granddaughter days. They do a little bit of everything. A favorite outing is going to Yogurtland. A recent birthday involved a lunch Top of the World, where Nevaeh wore a tiara for the celebration. Nevaeh told everyone it was her birthday. Dad even joined in on the fun. They had a blast! Aunt Stephanie is also in on traditions with Nevaeh. Aunt Stephanie sends Dr. Seuss’s books to Nevaeh for her birthdays. I love that!

Grandma Francisca is an amazing grandma. She has built a relationship with her granddaughter, even if it isn’t always convenient. She tells us how she makes this happen.

I don’t get to see Nevaeh as much as I would like to. Her Mom and Dad are not together but are respectful. I’m thankful I have a special relationship with my granddaughter, her Mom is gracious to allow me the privilege. The not-together makes it tough for holidays and traditions, but we’re working on it. I cherish the time that we do have together, regardless of the day. Every day is a holiday!
I’ve been known to make crazy day trips to the other end of the state to see Nevaeh. I want to be there for significant moments. I was there for her birth, her first day of kindergarten, the last day of kindergarten and graduation, and even go trick-o-treating. I also dressed up!
Being a Grandma warms my heart. All the cares of the world leave as we enjoy each other’s company, doing simple things, collecting leaves at the park, or blowing a dandelion. Those moments are priceless! I hope Nevaeh remembers them. Shoot! I hope I do too as I get older! Ha!

Grandma Francisca

Thank you for sharing your IDEAS and allowing us to spotlight you. We love you, Grandma Francisca! You are a defiantly a GoodGrandma!

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