Single Parenting

GoodGrandma℠ Parenting Series has a few IDEAS of how best to support your child as they single parent. It’s not easy to be a single parent. Many times you take on the responsibilities of both the mother and the father. Whether you are single-parenting due to a divorce or a death, you can feel very alone. As a parent to your child, as well as a grandparent, you can lend a hand to ease the burden and lighten the load of your child.

Here are a few thoughts and IDEAS:

  • Support Their Parenting ~ Allow your child to be the parent. Respect their rules and encourage your grandchildren to obey their parent. If discipline is of concern, address the matter when the grandchildren are not around.
  • Schedule Regular Visits ~ Plan a weekly dinner night with the grandkids, allowing your child to have a “night off.” Ask your child what days or nights would help them most. When possible, arrange to help with grandchildren extra curricular activities. If you live faraway, schedule regular video chat visits. However, be careful you don’t over commit yourself. Find a balance between providing help and not spreading yourself too thin. You don’t need to be the hero, just a side-kick.
  • Keep a Sense of Humor ~ As your child becomes a single-parent, whatever the reason, be that shoulder to cry on and stay supportive, but also try to keep joy and happiness in your child’s life, as well as your grandchildren. Be happy, stay positive, and encourage laughter in their lives.
  • Make Memories ~ Find Reason to Celebrate life. Whatever the reason, make a memory with your child’s family. Whether it’s as simple as silly joke you share, a game you play, a story you tell, or an extravagant trip you take together, create a lasting memory for your posterity to cherish.
  • Show Love ~ Tell them, and show them, you love them. The IDEAS listed above will show them you love them, but don’t forget to say, “I love you!”

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