Back in October GoodGrandma℠ had a grandchild’s favorite toy left behind. Whitney had brought her Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow giraffe named Flower to visit Grandma. Upon packing up to go home, Flower was forgotten. Whitney was sad to learn her giraffe didn’t make it home. Whitney’s mom asked me if I could send a picture of Flower. Whitney wanted to see her giraffe. I sent a picture, but then had an IDEA! Flower and Grandma had an impromptu Grandma’s Camp.

I found Flower under the bed where Whitney had slept. I took a picture of Flower in the bed and sent it to her mom. Then I took pictures of Flower changing the sheets, playing with the toys, hanging out with Marco and Polo, and having Ramen with Papa.

Each day I would take another picture or two and send them to Whitney’s mom. Flower was having a wonderful time at Grandma’s and Whitney was thrilled with the photos of Flower’s adventures. Flower even got to see Granny and Pops!

Flower helped decorate for Halloween one day. Another day she played with the dolls, colored a picture, and had a snack. Flower also folded laundry with Grandma and took a nap with Aunt Lauren.

After being at Grandma’s for nine days, Flower helped Grandma pack up and drive to Whitney’s house. Flower and Grandma had a great impromptu Grandma’s Camp, and Whitney loved the daily pictures, as well as the photo album from the camp.

The favorite toy left behind camp IDEA was easy to do, and Whitney was thrilled with the pictures and even more so with Flower’s homecoming! 🦒🌸

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