We want to thank our Spotlight Grandma, Grandma Maddy! We had such fun lunch getting to know her! She as an amazing Grandma and an awesome example of loving unconditionally, spoiling the grandkids, and the grand-dogs, and not sweating the small stuff!

You too can spotlight your grandma or mom. It’s easy and a great way to pay tribute to the women who mean the most!

Guest Grandma Instructions

A GoodGrandma Spotlight Instructions

5 thoughts on “February 2019 GG’s Guest Grandmas/Spotlights 💡”

  1. Unfortunately, we don’t have video on being a Guest Grandma or Spotlighting a Grandma. However, that is a really good IDEA! We will look into making a video to explain both GoodGrandma posts. Thank you for your question!

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