Grandmas! Do you remember playing Cat’s Cradle? I played with my sister. We would go back and forth for hours. Here’s a fun IDEA, teach the grandkids how to play. This past Christmas, using a long ribbon from a gift, I tied a knot and began to teach the grandkids how to play. It was a hit!

The Genius of Play website has a post on how to play Cat’s Cradle String Game. They recommend the game for a fun playdate with a grandchild. And,

“Games like cat’s cradle help improve children’s hand-eye coordination and help strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers – which kids use when writing, using scissors, and performing other small motor tasks. It’s also a fun way for kids to learn patience, practice giving and taking direction, and create a wonderful memory with the parent or caregiver who teaches them how to play!”

The Genius of Play

Looking for a gift IDEA? Give the Cat’s Cradle Book Kit from Amazon for $9.99. “As long as there’s been string, people have played string games. With simple instructions and ultra-clear instructional art, each string picture is foolproof.” It’s an educational fun interactive game, and a great way to make a memory with a grandchild.

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