For Beau’s first birthday GoodGrandma℠ was able to throw a celebration for the handsome little guy! Beau loves music and loves dancing. So, we went with it and had ourselves “Beau’s Rock Star Birthday Party!” A couple of weeks prior to the party we were able to purchase some decorations and start party preparations. We went with a star theme, because we already had a star shaped cake-pan, and chose gold and black as the colors.

We used old cardboard boxes to make guitars for the kids to decorate. Aunt Madison made a playlist of good dance songs. We printed out two dollars worth of pictures of Beau to use as some of the decorations. We also reuse old decorations to save on the cost. Aunt Lauren made a confetti cake, star shaped, with white frosting. We had Beau’s favorite snacks in bowls around the room; graham crackers, Lucky Charms, gummy bears, fruit snacks, and wafer cookies. We were set for a Rock and Roll, Disco Spinning, Gettin’ Jiggy With It, good time!

We took pictures of everyone, those who would cooperate, in front of the gold streamers and a disco ball balloon. The kids decorated their cardboard air guitars, which surprise, surprise didn’t take long at all. We ate pizza, a favorite meal of the birthday boy. Opened presents, and last, but not least, sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream. We all had a fun time, especially Beau.

GoodGrandma doesn’t always throw birthday parties for the grandkids, but when asked, is happy to plan a celebration. Over the years we have done several parties. To name just a few: Pokemon Party, Dog Party, Barbie Party, Dog Cupcakes, Minnie Mouse Party, and now a Dance Party. GoodGrandma is always up for a party. Party On!

Dog gone good time!

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party

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